Why These Are The Best Tarps
Posted by admin On Thu 22 May, 2014
A lot of companies claim they are the best at what they do. After all, nobody is going to tell you they stink at what they do.  Sometimes though, a company really has a reason to make this claim.  And here's why we are one of those companies.

As you no doubt saw in our launch video, there are a few features that make Tarp Hill tarps different from that of the competition.  

1.  Our tarps are made of heavy-duty vinyl to be longer lasting.

Too many times we have seen tarps last only a fraction of what they should have on their playset because they were not made of a think and durable material.  Not only does this material last longer, but it is thicker to better shield from heat.

2.  Our tarps are not sewn together.

Many tarps on the market are multiple pieces of material sewn together in order to make a larger piece of material.  These lower quality tarps have weak points at their sewing points that will often unravel after shorter periods of time.  Tarp Hill tarps are sonically welded, and as you can see in our video, are difficult to pull apart even for a grown man with a pliers.

3.  Customer Service

Tarp Hill prides itself on customer service.  We are a small locally owned company in Wisconsin.  We have several people available to answer your calls.  If for some reason they can't, they will actually call you back.  That's right!  They will actually call you back.  So don't forget to leave your number.

We hope you have the chance to prove us right on the above items.  We look forward to serving you your first tarp hill playset replacement tarp!
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